Whole School INSET Packages

Please note all INSET packages are adapted to reflect the exact needs of the individual school that has commissioned them.

Establishing a whole school coaching culture

The aim of this day is to introduce staff to the rationale and philosophy of coaching, using the GROW model. It provides training in the basic skills of coaching: listening, clarifying, summarising and questioning. There are structured opportunities for all delegates to watch and practice coaching. There is also an exploration of the possible applications of coaching within a school

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Everything you wanted to know about learning but were afraid to ask

This course provides an essential review of the latest research on learning and is ideal for a school that wants to establish a strong learning culture. It covers the principles of good learning, how to make your classroom more learner centred, the keys to motivate learners and an introduction to the Nine Elements of Learning to provide a common language of learning.

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Embedding a Common Language for Learning: The Nine Learning Dimensions

This course introduces each of the nine skills, attitudes and attributes that make up the Nine Learning Dimensions:

• Resilience • Teamwork • Independence • Planning Learning • Reflection • Creativity • Motivation • Making Links • Curiosity

It provides delegates with a clear understanding of the relevance and rationale behind each dimension and lots of practical ideas on how to introduce them and develop them with a class of children and with a whole school. The dimensions are clear and accessible to children across the primary age range.

P4C Level 1 SAPERE accredited course (2 days)

This course addresses four main questions:
1. What is a Community of Philosophical Enquiry?
2. What makes questioning philosophical and how can such questioning improve teaching and learning?
3. How to facilitate enquiry and dialogue
4. How to develop a Community of Enquiry/Thinking Classroom, including evaluating progress
It involves a mix of theory and practical sessions, including 3 full enquiries over the two days. Lots of practical resources and ideas are shared to get P4C fully embedded within a classroom and across a whole school. Please see the P4C page for more background information on P4C.

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Rethinking Leadership and Management - Leadership Development Day

This course will provide you with:

1. A clear understanding of why the school vision is important
2. A clear understanding of the difference between leadership and management and how both are needed to implement the school’s vision
3. An increasing awareness of different leaderships styles and selecting the best one
4. An awareness and ability to articulate your personal values and how they influence others and define you as a leader
5. An increased awareness of self and strategies to increase rapport with others and reduce resistance. Increased personal effectiveness as a member of the different teams as a result of behavioural flexibility

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