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Learning Culture

Six Learning Dimensions

In a rapidly changing world, where we are experiencing unparalleled changes in technology, a wealth of information, new ethical and social dilemmas and huge environmental challenge, schools can be sure of one thing: the need to help children become the best learners and thinkers they can be.


Google can help children find out and research lots of information but it cannot help them develop the skills and dispositions that a good learner and thinker needs. Being creative, on the other hand, will allow children to solve problems and utilise opportunities when they enter the world of work in 10-15 years’ time, even though these problems or opportunities may not currently exist.


It is vital that teachers understand the latest research on learning and motivation and that schools develop a common language to describe and talk about learning.


Over time Jonathan has developed and shaped a common language for learning called the six elements of learning.



These are six skills, attitudes and attributes that every learner needs and they reflect recent research on learning and thinking. They not only enable children to become skillful learners and thinkers, but also support their ability to stand back and be metacognitive about how to become an even better learner and thinker than they currently are.

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