Bespoke multi-day packages to work with headteachers and SLTs and all school staff to support and challenge them to move forward through building leadership capacity and developing high quality whole school curriculum and pedagogy through any combination of the above 6 areas of support.

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction are based on clear and robust evidence drawn from cognitive science and observations of expert teachers.  It forms a comprehensive 10 stage process for developing high quality instructional teaching.

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Educational Consultant

Helping to empower leaders and learners to connect with the unique and evolving potential of who they are, where they are going and what they could be.

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A powerful approach to unlock someone’s potential through non-directive dialogue and questioning. A great tool for schools to build leadership capacity and improve teaching and learning


The belief that you can grow your abilities through effort, deliberate practice and the right mental practices and habits

A range of bespoke packages to develop and grow leaders at all levels on a range of leadership and management skills, qualities and dispositions






A powerful model to develop pupils as lifelong learners and help schools create the right role-modelling, culture and pedagogical shift to enable this transformation

The skill of stepping back from your learning and  thinking and then planning, monitoring and evaluating the best strategies for you to make progress.

A thinking skills pedagogy to develop deeper thinking about key concepts in the curriculum and promote metacognition, creativity, independence, teamwork and critical reflection.

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